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Going on safari is always an exhilarating experience but those very early mornings, adrenalin rushes and late nights around the fire exchanging stories, don’t come without cost.

So, the best way to end the safari is to take a few days off for a bit of restorative relaxation… and there is currently one favourite place that African Leisure Safaris suggest you do this!


Zanzibar Island (in fact the correct name is Unguja Island), combined with Pemba Island (not to be confused with the town of Pemba, Northern Mozambique),make up what the locals call Zanzibar.

This destination is just as exotic as its name suggests; a simply beautiful coral-reef-rimmed island off the coast of Tanzania, studded with magnificent resorts – each appearing to try to exceed the last in terms of beautiful beaches!


The beaches of Zanzibar
The beaches of Zanzibar

It is also very easy to get there with direct flights from Johannesburg’s O. R. Tambo International to Stone Town, the capitol of Unguja Island (a mere 3+ hours flight).

We suggest, after landing at Stone Town, you are met and driven north to the Ras Nungwi coastline to stay at one of the local resorts. They are all pretty spectacular with fabulous positions right up against the coastline. From the sea-view chalets you are mesmerized by the endlessly changing views and colouration of the warm, tropical waters.

Hakuna matata is the island’s mantra and after a couple of hours, you will be completely hypnotized by this state of laid-back limbo.

Gem-coloured sea life
Gem-coloured sea life

After a few of days you can move south to Stone Town itself, where the ancient buildings and sense of its savage colonial past give the town a powerful atmosphere of history and timelessness.

I really enjoyed admiring the statuesque trees that you see while being driven from place to place while staying on the island, and the fascinating spice tour. We also took a day-long dhow excursion with Safari Blue which included snorkeling, swimming and a fabulous seafood barbeque followed by a fruit tasting (a first for me) of at least 12 different varieties grown on the island. I also loved Stone Town although people seem to have strong opinions about it – I think you either love it or hate it!

So come on, this is a once in a lifetime experience, everyone with a sense of adventure who is also not averse to some really fabulous beach time, should be going there.

It is ALL beautiful!

Cruising on the dhow
Cruising on the dhow

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